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CertainTeed CrimpWrap Crimped Pipe & Tank Wrap

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Insulating vessels and large diameter pipes in commercial and industrial construction projects to help control heat loss or gain, and provide hot surface personnel protection during system operation.

A unique, flexible, continuous blanket insulation composed of variably-oriented glass fibers firmly bonded together with a thermosetting resin. It’s available with either a foil faced or a white ASJ vapor retarder facing.

Product Features

  • Economical - CrimpWrap is more economical than molded pipe insulation when used to wrap large diameter pipe.
  • Thermal Performance - Helps control heat loss or gain and provides protection from a hot surface during system operation.
  • Rigid Fiber Glass Board Qualities - Thermal and compressible properties of rigid fiber glass board, yet flexible enough to wrap vessels and large diameter pipes.
  • Helps Eliminate Strip Delamination - The continuous fiber glass blanket construction eliminates the potential for strip delamination common in traditional tank wrap type insulations.

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